For general information on the growing British home education scene, visit the Christian Home Education Support Service (CHESS), CHESS is a network of home educating families in the UK which provides a place where you can find others to link up with, ask advice from, and be encouraged in your home education. It offers opportunities to meet other like-minded families by running day conferences and an annual member-only holiday.

There are a number of independent schools throughout the UK which are concerned to promote Christ-centred education. Many of these are linked through the Christian Schools Trust, A visit to their website gives access to much information about Christian approaches to education.

The following cater for Christian home educators

Christian Home Education A FREE (British) Christian home-schooling curriculum for all ages in Science, History, Geography and Art, developing a biblical worldview, plus links to other free resources.

Home Education Resources More FREE Biblically based-resources.

The Blessed Hope is another UK site with helpful material for parents and children.

Rainbow Books,
This site provides materials from USA.

Lovewise is a charity which seeks to help parents, youth groups and schools by providing presentations on the subjects of marriage, sex and relationships from a Christian perspective. They publish a number of vitally needed books and materials to combat society’s deadly influences on children and young people.

Christian Values in Education (CViE) helps ‘all those involved in education – parents, children, young people, teachers, governors etc.’ They have free publications, videos etc. designed ‘to equip and encourage Christians to stand fast on the Word of God in education today’.


Answers in Genesis,

Creation Ministries International
CMI and AiG have an increasing number of books for families and children written from a biblical creationist perspective. In addition to well produced books describing the creation there are stories of famous scientists etc.
The popular family magazine Creation is published by CMI. This is published quarterly and thousands of families have found it a source of fascination and insight into God’s amazing creation. Subject matter ranges from atoms to galaxies and anywhere in between. Because our view of history and the ‘humanities’ is affected by our acknowledgement (or otherwise) of Genesis there is much of general interest and not just ‘science’ in these pages.
AiG produce an equivalent magazine called Answers.

Christian Focus Publications

The Banner of Truth Trust,

Day One Publications,

Evangelical Library,
The Evangelical Library has a large range of books suitable for children. Many of these are now out of print but, with effort, you can find some valuable material. By the time many children are 11+ they can intelligently read books designed for adults. This opens up a whole realm of books telling of the history of the spread of the gospel throughout the world.

Evangelical Press

Metropolitan Tabernacle Bookshop,

Abeka Books has many high quality books written from well thought-out biblical perspectives from nursery up to late secondary age. It is just one of many ‘home school’ initiatives in the USA.