The Assyrians and their King

This book introduces the Assyrian Empire.  Assyria was a major world power from 900-600 BC.  Because its history parallels and interweaves biblical history, we can hear God’s own assessment of this empire and how he used it in world events.  The book gives children an appreciation of the magnificence of King Ashurnasirpal II along with a God-centred critique of the monarch and the people he ruled.

Also in the spotlight is Austen Henry Layard, the 19th century archaeologist and his exciting discoveries of the buried biblical city of Calah (Nimrud) and its palaces.

The discovery of ancient Assyria and its written records was one of the world’s greatest archaeological achievements. It opened up extensive knowledge of nations only previously known from the Bible.

73 pages A4 Book (Hardcopy: Print double-sided and bind at left.)

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