Set free for ever!

A Bible Study Booklet

This study in Romans 6 – 8 is written simply for a young Christian (12 or 13+) to give a clear grasp of what Christ has done for him/her.  It is easy for us to get discouraged at sin’s seeming power, especially when we are young.  An understanding of Romans 6 – 8 is the antidote!

Includes:  • We have died with Christ.  • We have been raised to life with Christ. 

• We are set free from sin.  • We are set free from death.

• We can deal with sin.  • We can live for God. 

• What happened when Jesus died?  • What happens when we die?

 44 pages A5 Booklet    (Hardcopy: print A4 landscape, double-sided and fold to an A5 booklet.)  

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