1. Study History Books

A SERIES OF A4 SIZE BOOKS, extensively illustrated by coloured photographs, maps and drawings. Designed for parents to read and discuss with their children and/or children (age 10 to teens) to study for themselves.

The books aim to help parents and children to think about history from the perspective of the word of God. If you read the books with your children, they could be accessible for children of 5 or 6+ (depending on background and aptitude). Older teenagers and adults will find the material interesting and instructive.

• Opportunity to study
• Questions for simple research
• Questions requiring personal thought
• Some activities to try
• Maps and plans
• Many pictures and colour photographs
• Links to specific Bible narratives
• Notes for parents

Notes for Parents

Notes with suggestions on how to make best use of Study History Books.

For use with any Study History Book.

2 pages  A4 Sheet  (Hardcopy: Print single or double-sided.)  

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Special People

This is a brief outline of selected events in the history of Israel up to the 9th century BC.  Children are taught to assess happenings and behaviour in terms of God’s working and God’s standards. The stories are fully referenced to the relevant Bible passages for further study.

“From one man God made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.”  Acts 17:26

38 pages  A4 Book   (Hardcopy: Print double-sided and bind at left.)  

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The Assyrians and their King

This book introduces the Assyrian Empire.  Assyria was a major world power from 900-600 BC.  Because its history parallels and interweaves biblical history, we can hear God’s own assessment of this empire and how he used it in world events.  The book gives children an appreciation of the magnificence of King Ashurnasirpal II along with a God-centred critique of the monarch and the people he ruled.

Also in the spotlight is Austen Henry Layard, the 19th century archaeologist and his exciting discoveries of the buried biblical city of Calah (Nimrud) and its palaces.

The discovery of ancient Assyria and its written records was one of the world’s greatest archaeological achievements. It opened up extensive knowledge of nations only previously known from the Bible.

73 pages A4 Book (Hardcopy: Print double-sided and bind at left.)

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Henry’s Puzzle

Henry Rawlinson Deciphers Cuneiform

Henry’s Puzzle takes up the fascinating story of how Henry Rawlinson managed to decipher the strange Cuneiform Script just in time for the discoveries of Layard and others.  A lost chapter of world history was brought to light which gave spectacular confirmation of the Bible’s accuracy.

66 pages  A4 Book    (Hardcopy: Print double-sided and bind at left.)

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Cuneiform Challenge

Single A4 cuneiform sheet to be used when a child tries the ‘challenge’ set in Henry’s Puzzle.   

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Friend of the Friendless: Lord Shaftesbury

FRIEND OF THE FRIENDLESS: Lord Shaftesbury, by Christine Sherwood.
This illustrated book for young people aged 11 to teens tells some of the story of
Antony Ashley Cooper, the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury. He is a stirring example of
someone who ‘presented himself to God as one approved, a workman who does not
need to be ashamed.’ (2 Timothy 2:15)
The Book is also suitable for family reading and discussion. Additionally it aims to be a
resource for studying aspects of 19th Century history. It is accompanied by a question
booklet to enhance its usefulness for home or school history lessons.
90 pages A4 Book (Hardcopy: Print double-sided and bind at left.)

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Question Booklet

Study Questions for Friend of the Friendless.

12 pages A5 Booklet (Hardcopy: print A4 landscape, double-sided and fold to an A5 booklet.)

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