Teaching Reading

THIS APPROACH and method, based on biblical common sense, was developed at home and used very successfully with 4 to 7-year-olds in a London primary school. It refers to reading books from the Ladybird Key Words reading scheme but the approach can be used with any graded reading material.

“Success in reading is not due to brilliant, exciting methods and teaching. It comes from steady, daily practice, which gradually builds reading ability – like a builder making a house, brick on brick, day after day. Long sessions given at irregular intervals will not be much use. 10 or 15 minutes daily will build confidence and success steadily …”

The Book includes 7 pages of instructions and 32 pages of a ‘book of words’ beginning with each letter of the alphabet for practising letter and sound recognition, plus some word games.

40 pages  A4 Book  (Hardcopy: Print double-sided and bind at left.)

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